hungry.jpgWord around the valley is that Oracle, despite its impressive acquisition binge over the past few months, is hungry for more. We’ve heard Oracle is mulling over a possible acquisition of Connecticut-based G-Log, provider of global logistics and transportation software — as just the latest in what could soon be a ten-company acquisition spree.

Oracle declined comment.

Marybeth K. Stiberth, Director of Marketing Operations, told us: “It�s our company policy not to address any rumors regarding M&A activity.”

We also heard that San Francisco private equity firm, Francisco Partners, and/or 3M, may also be bidding for G-Log, but no one from those groups returned the calls and emails we put out last week.

So perhaps the $10.6 billion hostile swallowing of PeopleSoft in January was merely the appetizer? Look at the last few months: Oracle has scooped up Minneapolis based Retek in March, outdoing Germany’s SAP in an aggressive bidding war; ProfitLogic, a maker of retail forecasting software in July; TimesTen, a supplier of real-time data management software, also in July; assets of Context Media, a Providence, R.I.-based content integration company in August; and Bangalore-based i-flex, a banking software company, which Oracle said it would buy for $909 million Tuesday.

What’s the deal? Is Oracle trying to catch the summer-sleeping Europeans off guard? It might be succeeding, though another source close to G-log told us there is no deal imminent. Maybe G-log is waiting for the Europeans to get back from vacation?