resignation.jpgIon America, the stealthy Kleiner-backed company we’ve mentioned a few times, is supposed to be finding an breakthrough alternative source of power generation.

We’ve heard from a well-placed source that Ion America’s SVP Sales & Marketing, Pashu Gopalan, has resigned, and is looking for a job elsewhere.

We’ve asked Kleiner Perkins about this, but have not heard back yet. Gopalan was not available for comment.

Gopalan is the guy who recently said Ion America was close to attaining “the holy grail of energy.”

Here’s a summary of his bio someone passed us. We’ve translated it into Word so that we could delete his contact info, and respect his privacy. So it’s not as slick as the original.

Update: Rob Day, as usual, has more to say about clean-tech related developments, and says the departure at Ion America may not be anything big. In fact, we heard that the departure was because of a board difference. We heard that Gopalan felt the product wasn’t moving along as quickly as he’d wanted, and will be ready in only 3 or 4 years, instead of just one. We didn’t report this at first, because we couldn’t confirm it — and still aren’t sure whether this is trustworthy. But perhaps Rob can fill us in with what the difference was about? Kleiner has been mum. They’ve refused so far to even acknowledge they’ve invested in Ion America.

Rob also points us to this Washington Post story about Silicon Valley’s embarce of clean-tech, quoting Kleiner’s Doerr about how “people are looking to have more meaning in their lives.”