We had a little time this morning to cruise the halls of the Search Engine Strategies convention in San Jose this morning. A few notes:

Quigo CEO Michael Yavonditte is wearing a big smile these days. His search engine ad company seems to be firing on all cylinders. Quigo was featured in a nice write up in the Wall Street Journal today. He’s signed dozens of newspaper Web sites as clients. And he’s been poaching some talent from the big boys, including eBay’s VP of technology Marty Abbott and Pay Pal’s VP of engineering & architecture, Michael Fisher.

MSN is talking up its MSN Keywords search ads product, due out in October and in the news quite a bit last week. Its MSN’s version of AdWords. But the company says it’ll be able to offer advertisers more detailed information about the demographics of who’s clicking on their ads. MSN’s David Jakubowski, GM of search strategy (and a Quigo alum), says the company will also release a game-changing local search advertising product.

Snap.com, the Southern California search engine that came out of Idealab, has a blog search, as of this week. We’re somewhat underwhelmed by the results, but there you go. Which reminds us, wasn’t Ask Jeeves/Bloglines supposed to be working on a blog search tool?