Or so says Om, here, after meeting with the supremely confident chief operating officer of BitTorrent, Ashwin Navin:

…A recent San Jose Mercury News article [free registration] resulted in over a dozen VCs reaching out to the company. Bit Torrent could be one of those start-ups, that VCs can go nuts about.

Think about it. In today�s Silicon Valley, there is so much cash sloshing around, that some of the smartest money managers on the planet, the guys who have turned more pennies into dollars than I can even dream off, aka Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins, are ready to pump in $8.5 million into a promise of an aging hipster�s ability to turn podcasting into a mega-business. Or that, another equally pennywise bunch is ready to invest a few million more, in another Podcasting start-up, Odeo. If those companies can snag millions, then Bit Torrent is definitely worth a lot more. Let me put it in the old world terms. The podcast start-ups of today are like Wine.com today, while Bit Torrent is Cisco of the digital content revolution…

And here’s another skeptic on the podcasting VC trend.