simplefeed.gifOm Malik reported a couple of days ago that one of Silicon Valley’s top investors, Sequoia Capital, had invested in a company called SimpleFeed, a Los Altos start-up that uses RSS as a marketing tool. It looks to be a competitor to Feedburner, he says, though we can’t confirm that.

Om noted that he found the company while surfing through Sequoia Capital’s web site, and that it was listed within partner Mark Kvamme’s bio. But then yesterday Om notes his surprise that the company had suddenly disappeared from the web site.

However, we don’t find it that much of a surprise, because Sequoia is a relatively secretive venture capital firm. Irony, of course, is that such behavior only piques the curiosity of folks like ourselves, Om and others. So is the real purpose to stay under the radar, or generate buzz? Or both!

Dan Primack says that Sequoia’s $1.02 million investment was made back in June 2005.