china province.jpgThis is really too bad. Google succumbs to Chinese pressure, and lists Taiwan, the less powerful independent country across the Taiwan Strait, as a “province of China” in Google Maps.

As Jeff says, makes you wonder what else Google is doing to win favor with the Chinese.

Taipei Times – archives.

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Update: We’ve read the comments that say Google is doing only the same as the U.S. and many other governments. But hang on. The U.S. State Department’s online information on Taiwan at least gives the island its own separate country page. Other online maps simply list the island as “Taiwan,” and don’t wade into the politics. Taiwan separated from China in 1949 after a civil war, has since been self-governed, and evolved into a stable democracy. So why should Google revert and call Taiwan a province of China? Anyway, here’s a good piece (free registration) that runs in the Merc today by our colleague April Lynch on this issue.