knownow.gifKnowNow, the Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale) company started in 2000, has just unveiled its “eLerts” RSS service — a way to get alerts from news sources that you subscribe to directly from a toolbar on your desktop. So you don’t need a so-called news aggregator like Bloglines, or portal like Yahoo, to read and manage your RSS subscriptions.

The company, which will be presenting today at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, is backed by big-name venture firm Kleiner Perkins.

Here is Tom Foremski on KnowNow:

Okay, it does require yet another Explorer tool bar to be installed, but it is worth giving up the screen real-estate because of its simplicity of use. I downloaded the Beta of eLerts and played around with it and it was pretty much effortless. Drag and drop and click are *all* users should have to know in order to subscribe to an RSS feed.