After all the hype Sun generated about the partnership it was going to announce yesterday with Google, the actual results were a bit of a let down. For the time being, we say Schmoogle.

Slashdot reported earlier that Sun President Jonathan Schwartz claimed on Saturday on his blog that “the world is about to change this week”, predicting new ways to access software,” though for some reason we didn’t see those exact words when we went there just now. Has he since toned things down a tad?

Mind you, there were noble efforts by people to find meaning in it all. There was search expert John Battelle, a bit befuddled, who went to great lengths reading between the lines of Bloomberg and CNET stories, and concluded it must be all about Google’s desire for more distribution of its Toolbar, via Sun, as a way of taking on Microsoft. The AP stretches things to say the agreement “could lead to Google offering next-generation word processing, spreadsheet and collaboration tools that would take on Microsoft’s industry-leading Office suite of software,” but people were wondering how they came to that conclusion. Many simply wrote it off to a sad publicity stunt by Sun.