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Craig Newmark

Here’s a notable interview in Grade the News with Craig Newmark, founder of San Francisco online classifieds site, Craigslist.

In it, he discusses his views on the problem of mainstream media, and the promise of citizen journalism. Craig also suggests he is about to make a sizeable investment in Wikipedia.

We hadn’t really viewed Wikipedia as a possible center for breaking news, including maybe even a place for investigative journalism — as Craig seems to suggest. Craig’s views are significant because they come at time when others are decrying…

how poor such “amateur” efforts are likely to remain.

Q: Are you at this point investing in any of these endeavors?

A: Could be. If I were to make a significant contribution to Wikipedia, for example, given that it is a journalism effort, ultimately, would that be considered an investment?

Q: I would say so.

A: I would appreciate that. But I can’t announce anything at the moment, prematurely, given that I have to keep my people in the loop. I owe it to them. We’ll see.