Mark Sigal emailed us this week to let us know that the video upload start-up he’s been working on has finally launched. It’s called vSocial, and its aim is to make it easy for people to share video clips and embed them in their web sites.

As Mark writes:

Beyond the fact that the stuff just works, is brain dead simple to use (owing to a nice, intuitive AJAX interface) and of course free, our core differentiator is that you can actually “do something” with video clips. This separates us from the other sites that I would argue are largely a glorified hard drive for videos. In particular, our secret sauce is built around enabling users to: 1) Share favorite videos via clipmails (a type of formatted email), 2) Create short videos via our “video roll” builder tools, and 3) Embed favorite clips and video rolls in a web site.

The “video roll” feature is especially intriguing. It lets you embed a small panel of multiple video images on your web site or blog, in much the same way that people can emded Flickr photo badges on their sites. The process is surprisingly simple, and users can build a video roll with their own videos, or those found on the vSocial site.

Mark elaborates on his blog:

“In turn, viewers can tag, review and rate their favorite videos, and vSocial also supports user-defined RSS feeds so that users can subscribe to automatically receive all “New” video clips or just the clips served up by their favorite uploader. Next up is support for syndicating clips directly into iTunes for autonomous upload into the new video iPods.”

The company behind vSocial has actually been around for three years, but it’s only been working on vSocial for the past several months.

For now, the service will be ad-supported. But Sigal says that’s not the long-term strategy for the self-funded company, which is based in San Fransisco and Phoenix.

“The ultimate business play is not around the basic clip-sharing,” Sigal tells us. “That’s what build us the audience and gets us a content base. It’s what you can do with community generated clips with the right tools.'”

Sigal said he wasn’t prepared to say more about the company’s long-range plans, except that there will be a “for-pay” offering early next year.