Jim Buckmaster

Adam Lashinsky, of Fortune, treats us to his trademark colorful prose in a story about the two guys behind San Francisco’s Craigslist, which is shaking up the newspaper and classified ads industries.

The two are founder Craig Newmark, and CEO Jim Buckmaster. A snippet:

If Craigslist were run by executives with even the slightest appetite for wealth, it might be a major financial player in online commerce. But Newmark, 53, founded the site as a hobby ten years ago and is determined to keep it simple. “We’re just motivated by the same values we all learn in Sunday school or the equivalent,” he says. “The Golden Rule and that it’s more important to help people.”

Buckmaster, a decade younger and, at six-seven, a foot taller, doesn’t have a problem with that. His casual dress and scruffiness give him a bohemian aura. He is, in fact, a devotee of Noam Chomsky, the MIT linguist better known for his anticapitalist rhetoric. “We think of ourselves as a public service,” says Buckmaster. Sure, the partners want Craigslist to be successful. But Buckmaster is convincing when he says, “We’re not interested in selling our users short in order to try to become insanely wealthy.”