We introduced you to iGenHome earlier this week. There’s another new real estate start-up we almost forgot to mention: Homethinking.com. Founder Niki Scevak describes it to us thusly: “Basically, the site helps home owners pick the most remarkable realtors to sell their house with. It does that by monitoring real estate transactions to know which homes realtors have sold, for how much and how long on average it took them to do so. There are also reviews by prior home sellers about the job they did.”

It’s a New York start-up, but they’re serving the California market first because the data here is easier to work with. Scevak distinguishes Homethinking from other online real estate plays: “There is a slight nuance between iGenHome, Trulia and Homepages and us in that they are helping consumers buy a home, whereas we are helping consumer choose the most exceptional realtor to sell their home. In the end they are framing a buying decision and we are helping engage a service professional (think of it almost as a directory of audited resumes).”

And the business model: “The business model is pay per call. Realtors bid on a pay per call basis per geography. There is the organic index and also three sponsored listings that house those advertisers. We only get paid if the consumer actually picks up
the phone and calls the realtor.”

For funding, the group’s raised an angel round.

Scevak, by the way, was most recently an analyst for Jupiter Research, where he followed the online advertising space.