Ok, maybe two investment areas have hit their crest…

We’ve mentioned the first, cleantech. Second is games. Here’s Dean Takahashi’s story on the
$650 million acquisition by local video game giant Electronic Arts of mobile game provider Jamdat Mobile. This is EA’s biggest purchase. It is just the latest in a string of deals. Everywhere we turn, it seems, people are talking about games. We swung by the offices of Index Ventures here in London this week, and partner Bernard Dalle was clearly enthusiastic about his firm’s investments in games. It’s also an example of where Europe in many cases can hold its own against Silicon Valley, he said.

Meanwhile, the NYT’s David Barboza beat us to a story that we’d also picked up on while in Shanghai. Here’s his piece about how affluent online gamers are paying workers at Chinese game-playing factories to play games’ early rounds for them.