Opinmind is the latest Silicon Valley (Santa Clara) start-up. It is a search engine where you type in a search term or phrase, and it searches blogs to find out what people are saying about the term.

Meanwhile, Ambarella, a 75-engineer company in Sunnyvale, said it has created a low-power chip designed to make HD camcorders more practical. Dean Takahashi, the Merc’s chip expert, has the story.

Back to Opinmind. It specializes in “opinions,” and returns positive and negative opinions under different columns. So users should avoid searching for general terms, such as “venture capital,” “fun in SF,” or “trails in San Francisco area,” which didn’t work very well when we tried them. But we didn’t find it very useful even for the company’s suggested examples, such as “dating.” When type that word in, the first result under the negative column reads: “Dating just sucks.” Click on the link, and the broader post isn’t very helpful.

Still, this is early days for the company. We’ll keep an opinmind about this, and give them a chance to iron things out…

Updated: Sorry folks, for delay. Still on the road until Wednesday, and checking comments infrequently. Have since provided correct link to Opinmind!