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We were trolling the job listings on craigslist tonight (it’s a great way to find start-ups) when we ran across this ad from a new company called TurnHere. Turns out that Bradley Inman, who made a name and probably a small fortune for himself as a real estate expert, commentator and entrepreneur, has launched a new online video company in Emeryville. From the site:

“TurnHere, Inc. is an innovative digital media production company that creates, purchases and distributes entertaining, high-quality, short Internet films via the Internet through its destination site, as well as through distribution partnerships with Yahoo, MSN and others….Content is focused on real estate, travel and neighborhood films.”

The site appears focused on neighborhood video snapshots – short, professionally produced videos intended to capture the essence of a neighborhood. We’re not sure of the business model, not having talked to them. But we could see this content being useful on local news/directory sites, as well as real estate sites. It’ll be interesting to see where it ends up.

The company has been blanketing the country with ads looking for videographers.

Inman founded HomeGain (with at least $53 million in venture capital from investors – including Netscape Communications co-founder Marc Andreessen), which he sold last year to Classified Ventures, a joint venture of six major media companies, for an undislcosed sum.