Someone just alerted us to a Web site in India called Alootechie that covers the local tech scene similar to SiliconBeat’s coverage of Silicon Valley. (We’re semi-amused by the “enlargement” link on the right-hand column.)

Btw, there’s another blog, that has been up and running since 2003, called Venture Intelligence India, which tracks venture investments more closely.

Alootechie has a post about Ram Shriram, the founding angel investor in Google, who is usually based in Silicon Valley, but who has been “on the prowl” lately in…



Ram Shriram, of Sherpalo Ventures, is looking for opportunities to invest his time and cash (loads of it) in the internet-based consumer space in India. (Btw, he was the president of Junglee, a company that was acquired by Amazon in ’98) But the bad news is that he wont entertain early stage dotcoms…”While really early start-ups will not be the right fit for us to put in funds, factors like the consumer acquisition plans, technology and management teams will help us in choosing our portfolio companies here,” says Shriram…

The post says Shriram has now linked up with big name Silicon Valley firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, to make investments in India, and that the partnership is represented there by a guy named Sandeep Murthy (more on Murthy, and the group’s early activity, here). They’re focusing on things like mobile commerce, human resources as well as travel.


And here’s more on how Doerr has been active, too, in the India hunt — including info about an investment.

Yikes. The proliferation of venture capital news sites is making it more difficult for us to keep track of all this. We focus on Silicon Valley, but searching for valley-related info isn’t easy. Tags are still nascent, and don’t really work in this case, because of semantics…So if you see any cool links we might be interested in, send ’em our way!