Matt asked, where is Microsoft’s classified listings play. As of today, it’s out of closed beta. It’s called Windows Live Expo. We got a peek at it a couple of weeks ago, but we urge you to go look for yourself. Alas, what will immediately annoy and frustrate users is that you need a Microsoft Passport login to get in.

The sudden nationwide release seems rushed. When we were briefed recently, Microsoft had just broadened its closed beta to a larger pool of users and suggested that a fuller release was a little ways off. This Feb. 10 post on the product team blog suggests the same, pegging the full beta release to later this spring. Competition can force a change of plans, though.

UPDATE: Per the comments below, the site is not live yet. A Microsoft rep tells us it should be live by 7 p.m.
UPDATE: We’re told it’s now live.