Folks, we’re working hard on a project today, so while we put our heads down, we want to hear your thoughts about something.

People often ask us which companies we think are hot, i.e, have the highest chance of making them a millionaire, either through a pending sale or an IPO? Key question for job-seekers. Two companies come to mind for us: Facebook, which stole the first-mover advantage on college campuses, and which we heard raised a VC round at a ridiculously high valuation (way into nine digits); and YouTube, which has amazing momentum in the video-hosting space, but which is riskier than Facebook, because of competitors. But don’t let us bias you. This is off the top of our head; indeed, both have failed to make much headway yet in ramping up revenues, so we could be way off.

What do you guys think? Make sure to give a one-liner or so on why. (Feel free to sound off on other things too.)