Belmont (CA) — June 22, 2006 – For the past year, has been quietly planning a takeover of the online service-professional match-making sector. They have been collecting data, talking to small businesses, surveying consumers, and developing a whole new approach to finding service-professionals online. has just launched a groundbreaking reboot of their existing site, incorporating a powerful new match-making algorithm and a novel approach�vendors can now be registered based on community recommendations. The company expects vendor registration to increase exponentially across the country as more and more people connect with service professionals using the free online service.

How it works:
Users visiting the site will find an easy-to-use interface where they can type in details about the project they need help with (i.e. leaky faucet, rattle under the hood, remodeling the den, etc.). Best of all, the service is free and it takes less than 60 seconds to input a service request. can handle all types of service needs from every day requests (i.e. cleaners, gardeners, music lessons) to very specialized and/or once in a lifetime special service requirements (i.e. architects, wedding planners, SAT tutors). Once the service request details are submitted the data enters a proprietary algorithm that matches the user with five vendors. Three of these matches will be �organic matches� based on criteria such as proximity, primary specialty, responsiveness, user ratings, years of experience, customer feedback, Better Business Bureau complaints, and more. The other two slots will be open to vendors who are interested in bidding for the lead starting at just 99 cents. With this approach, users are guaranteed match results and vendors can choose to bid for leads or to wait and get them for free through the organic matching system. The vendors will then be responsible for contacting and following up with the user.

Competitive analysis:
The new combines the community recommendations functionality of yellow pages-style sites such as and with the feedback-tracking approach of eBay and the match-making approach of or The yellow pages-style sites are easily abused with planted feedback and other similar tricks. improves upon these sites by employing a rating system much like the trusted system used by eBay. Anyone can recommend vendors but the new vendor�s rank in the organic matching algorithm will depend, among other things, on the feedback they receive from customers who have connected with them before in the GetVendors system. has been the leading handyman matchmaking site since 1999 but they have only registered 40,000 service professionals across the country who pay a hefty fee for their sales leads. estimates they will add 1,000 vendors a week to begin with the numbers spiraling quickly upwards into the tens of thousands. With the �organic matches� system, even small businesses without any money in their advertising budget will be able to participate and benefit. As more and more people start using for their service professional needs, the network will continue to grow on a feed-forward cycle and will soon be the largest network of all types of service-professionals.

Founded by UC-Berkeley alumni, is a start up company based in Belmont, CA. was recently featured in the San Jose Business Journal and the Oakland Tribune and has been awarded a Gold Web Award by the American Association of Web Masters for its positive contributions to the Internet community. has already closed an early round of funding and has registered thousands of businesses with traffic increasing exponentially. The company is well positioned to become a driving force in reshaping the way users find service providers. For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release or to schedule an interview please contact

Contact: Jason Munning