Here’s an entertaining, if bubbly story about the Digg guy Kevin Rose and how he embodies the new Silicon Valley elite:

…Rose had given every last piece of himself to the project — all his time, all his cash, and even his girlfriend, who fought with him after he poured his savings into Digg instead of a downpayment on a house. Today, Digg, Version 3, the one that would go beyond tech news to include politics, gossip, business, and videos, was going live. At 29, Rose was on his way either to a cool $60 million or to total failure…

(Minor quibble: Story uses Alexa stats — which are very unreliable — to say Digg is nipping at the New York Times’ popularity)

(Update: More from Techdirt, on BusinessWeek’s speculative reference to $200 million as the going value for Digg, citing “people in the know.” TechDirt’s Joe says: BusinessWeek has written the ultimate Web2.0 hype piece without the slightest hint of skepticism about the numbers that it throws around. Our sentiments exactly.)