Andy Bechtolsheim, the co-founder of Sun, and the guy who bounded up to the Google guys from his Porsche to hand them their first check back in 1998, has funded yet another company.

He has joined George Haber, a former colleague at Sun, to invest in Los Altos wireless chip company called Cresta Technology. The lower-power chip will serve devices that can receive radio signals, including cell-phones, PDAs and wristwatches, according to a piece in VentureWire today. They didn’t share any more details, saying only that there is a huge market for the company. Haber is running the show, while Bechtolsheim will remain a passive investor.

Haber formerly led chip companies GigaPixel and Mobilygen. Bechtolsheim is chief architect at Sun, but you never know when he is about to leave and do his own thing.