Tom Perkins, the venture capitalist and board member at HP who resigned from the HP board after finding out about “pretexting,” lost a few PR points when a stray email leaked to New York Times.

The email suggested Perkins relished a Newsweek piece written by a reporter cruising on Perkins’ own boat — he sent it on to some high-profile friends, including Rupert Murdoch, the chief executive of News Corporation, and others. The Newsweek piece had included a description of a dinner stunt Perkins pulled on his HP nemesis, chairwoman Pat Dunn.

Bizarre story. First Perkins is spied on, lied to by pretexters, and now his email is being leaked.

Update: Corrected publication name to Newsweek.
Update II: A reader says in comment below that VentureBeat is straying from its focus by commenting on internal politics. We’ve responded about why we think it is relevant.