Asthmatx, a Mountain View medical device company that has developed outpatient procedures for asthma treatment, has set its planned IPO terms.

It plans to sell five million common shares, at between $11 and $13 per share. It will trade on the Nasdaq under ticker symbol AZMA, it said.

The company has raised over $42 million in backing from a number of investors, including Polaris Venture Partners, Menlo Ventures, Vanguard Ventures, HBM BioCapital, MedVenture Associates, Boston Scientific Corp. and Montreaux Equity Partners.

As mentioned, Vanguard, which will own about five percent of the company, needs some good results to stay in business. Asthmatx, like most new medical device companies going public, isn’t making any money yet, but if it goes public with its current terms, it could be valued around $200 million.