Now that Google has snapped up hot video site YouTube, everyone is piling on Yahoo, which is supposed to be Google’s competitor.

They’re criticizing Yahoo for being too slow. The NYT cites an advertiser saying clients are taking out fewer ads on Yahoo, preferring hipper sites like MySpace. There’s the WSJ, saying Yahoo’s negotiations to buy college social networking company Facebook (as previously reported) aren’t going anywhere, and that it has fewer reserves than Google to pull off these acquisitions. Its stock price has fallen, making it poor. Even one of Yahoo’s biggest fans, venture capitalist Fred Wilson, has sold off his Yahoo stock. In recent months, Wilson had championed Yahoo on his blog, in part because it had bought, a company he’d invested in.

acquisitonscheatsheet.bmpClick on image here to take you to a list of the most recent Internet acquisitions. Google is well represented.

VentureWire (sub required) has a good discussion of valuations: Google paid about $23 per YouTube unique visitor, 10 cents per trailing 12-month page views and 10 cents per trailing 12-month minutes of use. In comparison, Google trades at 14 cents per trailing 12-month page views and 37 cents per trailing 12-month minutes of use.

Finally, the NYT’s Miguel Helft has a good anecdote about YouTube’s oft-forgotten third founder, Jawed Karim, who went off to study at Stanford, relinquishing some of his riches at YouTube, and even Stanford professors couldn’t seem to understand why. The fun part was when Karim took Helft back to his pad and showed him a video of co-founder Steven Chen complaining — as recently as April of last year — that YouTube’s had a mere 50 videos.