Garnett & Helfrich, the Menlo Park private equity firm that specializes in buying out small technology companies, said it is opening an office in India. It is also making an investment (total undisclosed) in Celunite, an open source mobile platform software company.

G&H has garnered experience in India, having hired Mark Barrenechea as director after he built the Indian operations there for Computer Associates and Oracle, and investing in Wyse Technology, which opened a large facility in Bangalore.

Barrenechea told VentureBeat Monday that the firm’s investments in companies with operations in India had pulled the firm more and more into that country, and so opening an office in the financial center of Mumbai makes sense. Instead of merely helping its companies to enter the Indian market, the goal is to start making investments directly in India, he said.

The investment in Celunite, which has offices in both Sunnyvale and Pune, India, is the firm’s second venture into open source. Barrenechea said Ceclunite offers the first open source mobile platform; he isn’t aware of any others. Ingres, the other Garnett & Helfrich open source company, is also expanding to India, he said.

Private Equity firms have invested about $5.4 billion in India during the first nine months of this year. The third quarter saw investments two times the levels in the same period of 2005, according to Venture Intelligence.