Chief executive officers at U.S. venture-backed technology companies are receiving about $21,000 more per year than they did a year ago, likely a reflection of the continued strong investment climate.

The total salary and bonus compensation for CEOs of venture-backed IT companies is a median $275,000, according to an executive compensation survey conducted by Dow Jones VentureOne.

The compensation for CEOs of venture-backed healthcare companies also rose considerably this year, to a median $284,000, from $262,000 a year ago. Total CEO compensation remained about the same for the other industry tracked—products and services—at $260,000, the report said.

By geography, CEOs based in northern California earn the largest total compensation packages, at $290,000, followed by the Northeast and Potomac regions, where median total compensation in both regions is $280,000, and the Midwest, where it is $275,000

Regardless of industry, the median salary for a CEO this year is $225,000—about $5,000 more than last year. But the median size of bonuses stayed the same at $50,000, the survey found.

The median total compensation is now $275,000, up from $260,000 a year ago. The amount of equity in their companies that CEOs reported receiving is 5%, an increase from the 4.6% last year.

More than 700 executives at U.S. venture-backed companies participated in the survey, which is annualized as of October 2006.