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FYI, here’s a list of some recent pieces on the News Wire: You’ll find it’s the most comprehensive listing of deals in Silicon Valley around:

–Ron Conway’s latest investment, in personal finance management company, Mint Software.
bowsher.gifIn-Q-Tel selects Steve Bowsher (pictured here) to run venture capital investments in Menlo Park. In-Q-Tel is the venture arm of the CIA and other intelligence communities. Also, the former chief executive of In-Q-Tel, Gilman Louie, appears to have made his first investment since leaving.
TalkPlus raises $5.5M for new mobile phone service
Luz II raises cash for large scale solar power generation in Calif.
–VC fundraising on track to be biggest year.
–Reality game maker Mind Candy gets $7M from Accel.
–KnowNow gets $13M more for RSS services.
–Miasole, super thin solar cell company, raises $35M more.
–EBuddy raises $5M euros.
–Adobe raises $100M venture arm.

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