wesabelogo.bmpWesabe is a new Web site that lets you manage your financials. It’s like a Web-based Quicken, with Web 2.0 stuff thrown in — for example, the customary tagging and social networking.

You register, and then you’re prompted to upload you bank account, credit card and other financial information (it holds you hand as you import the data directly from your bank’s site). It then provides your balances on one page, so you can have an overview of how you’re doing.

Click on the image below for a tour. You’ll see tags on the right hand side, which you can use to categorize as you enter your finances. So if you list a receipt from Starbucks, you can tag it as “food,” for example.

You’ll need to try it out yourself. To be honest, after watching the demo, it wasn’t compelling enough for us to upload our private banking data to a Web start-up that we have no experience with. But maybe that’s just us. (We risked uploading our credit card data, but the site didn’t recognize CapitalOne.) Still, if you’ve got problems saving, and want to chat with others and get support and tips for your goals, this might be worth trying.

wesabe shot.bmp

Here’s a post by Liz Gannes about Wesabe, where we saw it first.

The company was founded by Jason Knight and Marc Hedlund, who are self-funding the six-person, Berkeley, Calif. company. Knight is a former marketing exec, while Hedlund worked at O’Reilly Media after co-founding Popular Power and Lucas Online.