BitTorrent, the San Francisco file sharing company that just received $20 million in venture backing to boost its video distribution offering, has just acquired the popular uTorrent application.

The amount was undisclosed. Like BitTorrent, uTorrent uses the same popular “bittorrent” protocol to distribute its files. But uTorrent’s application is lightweight and high-performance version, popular with Windows

The combination helps BitTorrent’s in its efforts to stake out a leading role in video distribution, as it cuts deals with studios and other content publishes. Apple, Walmart and Amazon have all become competitors.

Other companies, such as Azureus (which we wrote about earlier) and uTorrent have also become popular. Combined, uTorrent and BitTorrent have a combined installation base exceeding 135 million, BitTorrent said.

The objective, BitTorrent said, is to combine BitTorrent’s expertise in networking protocols with uTorrent’s compelling user interface.