Metavize, a San Mateo start-up that offers security software to small or medium sized companies, has released a new online dashboard that gives company access to a host of free and other security applications.

It has also renamed itself Untangle, chief executive Bob Walters told VentureBeat in a pre-briefing last week.

It is offering network security products for free, including firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention and antivirus applications. It can afford to do so because it built the products on open source, Walters said. Untangle targets companies of 150 employees or fewer. It wants to make money by selling companies other products, like Web content control (to schools, for example), anti-spam and anti-spyware. It charges $35 a month for each of these products, or $75 for all three.

However, it is offering these products for free to companies with ten employees or fewer.

The company had earlier announced a venture round of $10.4 million.