I wanted to share some exciting and bittersweet news. I have decided to move on from Expansion Capital Partners (www.expansioncapital.com) to join the investment team at @Ventures (www.ventures.com) in Boston.

Rob Day, the clean-tech VC blogger has moved to Boston to become an associate at @Ventures, leaving his job in San Francisco as associate at Expansion Capital Partners.

Day told VentureBeat he wanted to move back to Boston because both he and his wife are originally from the East Coast, and they can be closer to family. In addition, Day said he has a passion for investing in clean-technologies, especially at the early stage. At Expansion, he invested in clean-technologies, but in later stage companies. Moreover, in several areas, including solar, valuations for later-stage companies have become prohibitively high, and so Expansion is making fewer investments in these areas, he said.

Day and his wife also had a child recently, and while it may be surprising to hear Day say that the Bay Area is expensive (he’s a VC, after all), he did say cost of living was consideration for his move.