KSR, a San Mateo company that offers “managed risk services,” said it has raised $9 million in additional funding.

Paladin Capital Group’s Homeland Security fund led the round. It was joined by return backer Trident Capital.

From the company’s statement:

“With nearly 85% of critical infrastructure in the hands of private industry, corporate risk management is playing an ever-increasing role in homeland security,” said KSR board member Howard A. Schmidt, the former CISO of eBay and former Cyber Security Advisor for the White House. “Understanding and mitigating corporate security risks is crucial to securing our nation’s assets and infrastructure.”

KSR operationalizes risk management, blending security, information technology, and operations management with an innovative set of services to ensure ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and efficiency. KSR’s managed and professional services and integrated, real-time approach to enterprise risk management provide visibility regarding where and how to invest in risk mitigation initiatives, enabling corporations to moderate corporate and personal liability.