Mobile Content Networks, a Mountain View, Calif. company that provides mobile search software, said it has raised a second round of funding led by Meritage Funds.

The amount was undisclosed. (Update: VentureWire reports the amount was $10 million).

Other investors were, Netage Capital Partners, UniqueLab, Suneight and Intellect Capital Ventures. The company, which also has offices in Japan and Finland, will use the funds to market, its search management platform.

The company, founded in 2004, raised $6 million in its first round last year, from investors including Meritage Funds, Frontera Group and the Angels’ Forum.

In a statement, Marc Bookman, CEO of MCN, said:

“With the emergence of real-time search services, any searchable mobile content becomes accessible within two to three-clicks and the distinction between on-deck vs. off-deck content becomes far less relevant.”

Also from the release:

Since its founding in late 2004, MCN has been working with industry leaders in key mobile markets to perfect its real-time search technology. Starting in November 2005, the company has been powering all of the search services for Finnish mobile carrier, DNA. The company subsequently released a mobile shopping service in Japan in cooperation with over a dozen local m-commerce vendors. At the end of last year, D2 Communications, the largest mobile advertising agency in the world, released its FM Radio Search service to DoCoMo handset users providing listeners of FM radio with one click access to ringtones, music downloads, CDs and DVDs • all running on MCN’s platform. The company is currently working with over twenty partners in ten countries who are developing solutions based on its platform.