leafletterlogo.bmpWidgets can do anything.

We just wrote about Box.net’s widget, which lets you store and share files on any web site.

Now, with new Chicago start-up Leafletter, we’re nearing full-circle with this widget-mania. Leafletter lets you build a mini Web site within the widget. You can do all this directly from Leafletter’s site within a browser — and then put the widgets on a blog or other site.

It is free. Here’s the demo.

You can build multiple pages for your Widget-site. It gives you tools to upload photos from your Flickr account, for example, and to design various sections of the page, one at a time. You can add links to the pages, so that a visitor can navigate within the widget site, or be directed elsewhere. You can select background colors, and have various formats for embedding text on the site. This is in early development. It was created by one guy in Chicago, recent graduate Michael Patrick, who says he’s looking for some help to release an official beta, or testing version.

Below is an example of how a Leafletter widget looks. At bottom is how the editor looks.