Here’s the latest on environment developments:

florescent lights.bmpDid you know this? — Fluorescent lightbulbs, those funny looking spiral bulbs that cost a little more than regular bulbs, will save you money in the long run (they last longer), and are also kinder to the environment. No brainer to buy these things, right? Well, that’s not happening, because people don’t seem to get it. So a state lawmaker wants to implement legislation to ban sales of the standard incandescent bulbs by 2012. See story here.

Other policy news — See here for how the White House has reportedly pressured climate scientists from talking openly about global warming, and here for how there’s growing momentum among leading U.S. Senators to push for greenhouse gas legislation.

FindPollution for saleFindPollution, a site that integrates Google Maps with US Government data about pollution sites, has listed itself for sale at VentureBeat’s VentureBoard. If you’re looking to buy a home, might be worth checking your desired location on this map beforehand. See screenshot below: