flixsterlogo.bmpFlixster is a San Francisco Web site that lets you share movie ratings and reviews with friends.

It has reportedly raised a round of financing of $2 million or so from Silicon Valley’s Lightspeed Venture Partners, though we haven’t confirmed this. [Update: One authoritative, albeit off-record source tells VentureBeat the funding was more than $2M]

We haven’t mentioned this company before, but it is noteworthy for its scorching marketing tactics. By November, after just ten months of operation, it said it had signed up 5 million registered users, who had posted 190 million movie recommendations. It drove this with aggressive policies, such as automating a way to invite friends on your contact list with messages that reportedly weren’t necessarily always true. Upon signing up, Flixster engages you immediately, asking you to rate 50 films to determine your preferences, and offers you a profile with spiffy movie-star avatars and backgrounds — and thereby gathering quite a bit of data about you. It places your movie reviews to the “movies” section on your MySpace page.

Last but not least, there’s the gawk appeal that such a site has for young people: Page after page of good looking folks to look at.