Here’s a story for SF Bay Area folks as you prepare for this weekend:

down2night.bmpDown2Night is the latest social-networking site that lets you find out what is going on at bars and restaurants around town. You register, choose your favorite places around town, and it will send you updates about happy hours and other special events happening at those joints.

Down2Night launched first in Seattle a few days ago, and today it launches in SF.

Several sites have popped up to let you track the reputations of bars and restaurants in various cities, with Citysearch, Yelp and Yahoo perhaps the best known. But these don’t let you get updates from folks about what’s going on at your favorite joint, or network around them. MingleNow offers ways to communicate with friends about certain bars and restaurants, but its breadth of offerings is wide, and it doesn’t have a focused event feature that Down2Night offers. There’s also the funky What’sUpNYC.

With Down2Night, after you select your favorite places, you can message people about them, register events (which Down2Night has to approve for now), and share a widget about your favorite places on your blog or profile at MySpace.

Down2Night is built by the same team that developed SynapseLife, which is a set of productivity tools (email, calendar, to do-list, etc) all on a single page. This is a scrappy team, producing features quickly, and so be forewarned: This is very early; there are few events registered so far. That’s where you the users come in.