Powertech Technology, a Taiwan memory chip assembly and testing company, has won a $65 million commitment from Intel Capital.

PTI, as it is known, said it expects to receive additional funds from other investors. Intel is a customer of PTI.

From the statement:

“As one of our largest investments in Asia to date, this reinforces our commitment to technology innovation in the region and around the globe,” said Arvind Sodhani, president, Intel Capital. “Intel Capital’s strategic investment enables a new growth opportunity for Intel’s fast-growing flash memory market segment. Flash memory is increasingly used in mobile devices such as laptops and cell phones to deliver an improved user experience in the areas of performance, battery life, and reliability.”

According to annual revenue and market position, PTI plays a significant role in the memory component industry and is also backed up by Kingston, one of the world’s largest memory companies. PTI is a leader in memory back end services and was able to meet Intel’s requirements for NAND product lines.

PTI incorporated in 1997, is principally engaged in the integrated circuits (ICs) assembly and testing business. Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, the company also manufactures thin small-outline package (TSOP) ICs, chip scale package assembly including TFBGA, uBGA, wBGA to stacked-MCP. In addition, it is involved in the provision of wafer testing, NAND and NOR type data flash assembly and testing, double data rate (DDR) I/II assembly and testing services, IC laser marking and IC burn-in testing . The company distributes its products primarily in Taiwan, the United States and Japan.