myUlist logoMyUlist wants to liven things up for online classifieds at college campuses — an area that so far has been humdrum.

The Cupertino, Calif. start-up wants to be more than a Craigslist clone for colleges. It offers a Digg clone too. Instead of submitting articles, though, students write in with “campus buzz” and this can be about any issue on their mind. Others can comment, or give a thumbs-up or down, and the entry rises or falls accordingly. So far, much of the buzz on MyUlist is pedestrian, with people asking things like whether they should remain single, or noting how great Jack Johnson is.

See partial screenshot below for MyUlist’s page for Stanford University. You can choose tabs to see just the buzz for Stanford, or system-wide.

These are early days. It may thrive or be beaten by other offerings, perhaps by Facebook, if Facebook gets aggressive with its new campus pages. At the very least, though, MyUlist creates more of a community feel than existing players like,,

You require a .edu email address to participate in most of the action, though you can browse classifieds listings and comment without one.

Its main pilot test is at UNC, but it’s also testing Cal, Penn, Stanford and Drexel.

The site is free, but wants to make money by targeted local advertising, as well as paid classified ads. The company is self-funded, but wants to raise money, founder David Yu tells VentureBeat.