Quanlight, a San Diego, Calif. developer of high powered light-emitting diodes, has raised $3 million in a second round of funding.

The financing was led by Blackbird Ventures and a firm with an awkward name, (SHW)2 Enterprises, along with a small group of private investors.

We wrote about this company a few months ago, when it raised $1 million in its first round.

The company boasts that its LEDs are brighter, but use less cost per watt and lower power consumption. We asked the company about its technology, and here’s how their public relations person responded:

Quanlight is utilizing a novel compound semiconductor material system to improve the performance of red LEDs (light-emitting diodes). This material, known as a dilute nitride, has properties that are fundamentally superior to the material currently used for red LEDs. Where current LEDs will lose efficiency quickly as the amount of power is increased, Quanlight LEDs will remain very efficient at much higher current loads, resulting in a brighter LED from the same amount of electricity. Also, color shift with changing temperature is greatly reduced using Quanlight LEDs, resolving a problem that hinders the current technology.

Quanlight’s novel material does not require any changes to existing LED manufacturing or packaging technology, allowing for easy adoption into current and future applications. Hence, the lower cost per watt without infrastructure modifications – expected to be better all around.

The company said Harvey White, the co-founder of Qualcomm, has joined as chairman. White runs (SHW)2 Enterprises.

According to company chief executive, Neil Senturia, the financing will be used to take the company from research and development to wafer production.