mobioscreen2.jpgMobio has come out with a useful, cost-saving feature for your mobile phone called Cheap Gas.

This weekend, I choked when I pumped gas for $4.01 a gallon here in the SF Bay Area.

Mobio’s Cheap Gas application lets me locate the cheapest gas stations near any address and lets me filter search results by station brand. Cheap Gas provides a map to the destination station.

There are a number of other cheap-gas Web site offerings, such as Mapquest’s GasPrices, MSN’s Gas Prices, and Fuelfinder, but they’re more basic, giving you gas prices by zip code, not exact address, and not letting you filter by brand. Mobgas sends you information by SMS.

Mobio’s rich media client requires a Java phone. The product announcement will be Tuesday, but we’re told the service should be available tomorrow (Monday).

See our previous coverage of Cupertino, Calif.’s Mobio here. It is backed with $9 million from Storm Ventures. More images below.