secondlife-disaster1.jpgVirtual world site Second Life one again is making news, acquiring new technologies to make its environment more realistic.

On the other hand, Second Life has been taking some hits lately.

First, the new technology: Linden Lab, which owns Second Life, has acquired two assets from Windmark Interactive, which make lighting and environmental simulation more realistic. They are Nimble, which helps create things like 3D clouds, and WindLight, for improving how light interacts with natural terrain, man-made objects, water, clouds and particles.

But the latest stats show that few people are visiting the corporate sites being set up in Second Life by folks like Coca Cola and Dell. Their headquarters were practically empty, with Coca Cola and Dell having an average of 1.5 visits an hour on average. Maybe its because visiting Dell isn’t exactly what people have in mind when they visit a fantasy world.

Meanwhile, miscreants attacked the site of an Australian company, ABC Island, blowing up two months of work. See image above, which shows the explosion before it was later restored to its original version by Linden Labs (top left in picture).