keibilogo.jpgKeibi is a new San Francisco company that wants to help social networking sites mange the massive, chaotic flood of user-generated information they get.

Pierre Grenier, who worked briefly at fast-growing San Francisco social network Piczo, saw the pain it and other companies had dealing with the “unmanageable” wave of content being produced, including hairy security, copyright and general brand management challenges.

Grenier tells VentureBeat he joined Piczo while managing an investment in that company from Catamount Ventures. Since leaving to form Keibi, he has since hired others, including Piczo’s former general counsel Paul Remer, as chief executive.

The company remains secretive, he said, and more details will emerge later. But it is focused on user generated content “categorization” to help users discover content, among other things.

Catamount Ventures and Hunt Ventures have committed $6 million to Keibi, earlier reported by Thealarmclock.