ebay1.bmpEBay, the giant auction site has opened up its platform so that third-party companies can build features that work with eBay in new ways.

It continues the trend seen across the Web, where successful companies are ones who develop a community of support around their platform, with Facebook’s momentum being the most recent powerful example of that.

It made the announcement at the eBay Developers Conference in Boston. The features include:

  • eBay Shopping Web Services – a suite of faster, more responsive APIs that makes searching on eBay significantly faster and allows developers to easily create buying applications
  • New JavaScript and Flash Developer Centers – making it easier for JavaScript developers to access the eBay Web Services platform; Flash Developer Center launches next month
  • eBay Bidding API – qualified developers can enable bidding on eBay from anywhere beginning in Q3
  • Call Limit increase – Production calls increased from 10,000 per month to ~150,000 per month (based on a daily limit of 5,000), allowing developers to rapidly scale up their applications
  • eBay Client Alerts – lightweight, near real-time alerts about platform activity launches limited beta releasing in Q4