rxbigmoneybottle.jpgThe Health Wonk Review, a selection of the blogosphere’s best posts on health policy, is published every two weeks by a blogger volunteer. The latest edition is now up at David Williams’ Health Business Blog.

Among the featured posts are:

  • An analysis of Big Pharma’s apparent intimidation of drug-safety critics such as Steve Nissen, the cardiologist who first highlighted potential safety problems of the diabetes drug Avandia;
  • A look at how different countries handled late-stage kidney disease, and why spending more doesn’t relate to better outcomes;
  • A how-to on negotiating your MRI bill down by 50 percent;
  • A critique of the Massachusetts universal-coverage plan;
  • And a post on the scariness of the individual-insurance market.

Check it out. I’ll also highlight similar roundups for biotechnology and — if one exists — medical devices when they come up.