SVB Capital, an arm of the SVB Financial Group that invests money into different venture capital funds has raised a $255 million pool of capital for the effort.

Meanwhile, Battery Ventures announced that its new venture fund totals $750 million, somewhat lower than the $800 we cited recently based on other reports.

SVB Capital is a so-called “fund of funds” because it spreads money across different venture firms, which in turn invest the money into start-ups and other companies. Its new fund was reported this morning by VentureWire (subscription required). That reported pointed out that the fund is larger than its previous $175 million fund raised in 2004.

Meanwhile, a Battery representative told VentureBeat today that its plan was always to raise $750 million, and that it doesn’t know where PE Week got the earlier reported figure of $800 million. The firm has done well recently: Five IPOs in the past 18 months: Cbeyond (NASDAQ: CBEY), MetroPCS (NYSE: PCS), Omniture (NASDAQ: OMTR), Optium (NASDAQ: OPTM) and Veraz Networks (NASDAQ: VRAZ), and various acquisitions, including the following where the firm says it made a profit: Broadbus (by Motorola); CipherTrust (by Secure Computing); Kashya (by EMC); OutlookSoft (by SAP); ProfitLogic by (Oracle).