vizulogo.bmpVizu, a provider of online polls, has added a new feature for mapping the results of its polls. It uses Google Maps to display who voted how, geographically.

It’s another example of how the Web is transforming a very expensive process — polling and research costs thousands of dollars — into one that the masses can afford.

The feature comes with every new Vizu poll created (we’ve used Vizu at VentureBeat a few times, mostly recently forming a poll to ask about top VCs). The map feature displays every vote for a poll, regardless of which site it comes from (a single poll can be embedded, via a widget, on multiple blogs and sites).

While is basic version is free, San Francisco-based Vizu makes money by allowing clients to distribute snap online polls across multiple sites and then tracking results and allowing customized features, such as the ability to change possible answer selections. See our recent review of Vizu here. Its clients include Jobster, Bazaar Voice, Food Services of America, and others.

Below, a poll about wearing seersucker suits: