Oracle has agreed to buy San Francisco-based Bridgestream, which makes software that maps business relationships within a department, division or across a whole company. It follows Oracle’s purchase of a different sort of company, Bharosa, a few weeks ago.

Bridgestream’s annual revenue is around $500k, with the sale price somewhere between $33 million and $36 million, says PEHub’s Dan Primack, though apparently without company confirmation.

Bridgestream was founded in 2000, and swallowed $14 million in total funding. Given the amount of time that passed, this company most likely failed to make money for its investors Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Outlook Ventures, ArrowPath Ventures and Polestar Capital. [Update: Hummer investor Mitchell Kertzman writes in comments below that investors did make money, so we’ll stand corrected, though we don’t have any specifics. ]

It’s just the latest in a steady string of acquisitions by Oracle.

A few weeks ago, Oracle purchased Santa Clara, Calif. company Bharosa (see announcement), which specialized in real-time fraud detection and online authentication security business for large companies. It is being merged with Oracle’s Web-based single sign-on and authorization offering. Founded in 2003, Bharosa said it had more than 25 million users.