orkut.pngOrkut, Google’s growing social network that gets no love back in the United States, has announced a number of design changes. Before/after shots can be found here.

Orkut continues to show growth in unique visitors, even if its far behind MySpace and Facebook, according to Comscore data released last month (see table after the jump below).

However, Orkut had 38 billion pageviews in July versus Facebook’s 31 billion, notes Techcrunch, again citing Comscore worldwide data.

Could it be that Orkut users, by all accounts mostly in Brazil and India, are some of the most addicted of any large social network users — surfing more pages more frequently than their counterparts at other networks?

More interesting is what Google might do with Orkut in the future. Talented new hire Brad Fitzpatrick, for example, wants to create (see our coverage; scroll down) a way for users and developers to more openly share data across social networks and other sites.