teen-iphone.bmpIf there’s one thing tech aficionados dislike about the iPhone, it’s the slow cellular service provided by its carrier partner AT&T.

So 17-year-old George Hotz worked through the summer to hack the iPhone, successfully converting it to use another network: T-Mobile. He’s since published details online about how to do it. Mercury News story here.

Meanwhile, another group, called iPhoneSimFree, said Friday it will sell software to people wanting to unlock iPhones in large quantities. This follows a move by a Czech company called Bladox, which two weeks ago to started selling a $80 device called a Turbo SIM, that lets the iPhone run on another network. The company has reportedly been overwhelmed by orders, according to the New York Times. None of this is sanctioned by Apple or AT&T, of course. It shows that people want choice.